Back to School – Safe Driving Tips

Help keep our school zones safe.

September marks the beginning of another school year.  On Tuesday morning, thousands of children will lace up their new shoes, throw on their new backpacks, and head out walking, driving or riding their bikes.

When the school doors open, we all have a responsibility as drivers to slow down and be more alert.

Here are 4 important school zone safety tips to remember:

Observe school-zone speed limit

Although you should always obey the speed limit, it is especially important to go slowly and be cautious during the school year.  Posted speed limits in school zones are typically 30 or 40km/h.  Maintaining a safe speed will allow you time to react in potentially dangerous situations.

Obey the crossing guards

They are there to keep the children safe and children trust crossing guards to only allow them to cross when it is safe.  So, obey the signals of the crossing guards and let them do their job.

Be careful around school buses

Over 800,000 children travel by school bus every day in Ontario.  Drivers travelling in both directions are required to stop for a school bus when the stop arm is out and its lights are flashing.  Watch for kids crossing behind and between buses.

Stay alert

Expect the unexpected.  Watch for children who may dart out from between parked cars.  Children have a limited sense of danger and are unpredictable; be prepared for children to step on the road unexpectedly.

Back to school is an exciting time of the year. By practicing a few safe driving habits and teaching our children the potential dangers on the roads, we all play a key role in ensuring everyone stays safe this school year.

So slow down and give yourself a little more time to get where you’re going and let’s make sure everyone returns to class safely!