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About Mississauga car insurance

Mississauga is home to almost 1 million residents, which makes it the third-most populated municipality in Ontario, and one of the largest cities in the country. With hundreds of thousands of daily drivers and so many vehicles on busy city streets like Dixie Road, Hurontario Street, and Dundas Street, drivers in Mississauga experience some of the most demanding conditions in all of Canada – But finding cheap car insurance in Mississauga doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Since 1961, Mississauga drivers have trusted Buckley Insurance to provide expert advice and competitive prices on auto insurance. We work with some of the top insurers in Canada to deliver cheap car insurance rates to drivers throughout the city – from Port Credit, Erin Mills, Meadowvale, Malton, Streetsville, and Churchhill Meadows, our licensed insurance brokers have you and your vehicle covered. Get multiple quotes online in minutes, or call and speak to a professional broker 7 days a week.

Get lower auto insurance rates in Mississauga

Whether you’re a daily commuter who battles the bumper to bumper traffic every morning on the QEW, 401 or 403, or a casual driver who only drives on weekends, everyone is looking for the cheapest auto insurance in Mississauga. The good news is there are some things you can do to add extra discounts to your policy and get lower rates. Here are eight things that Mississauga drivers can do to help get the lowest possible auto insurance rates:

Usage-based insurance
Many car insurance companies have apps to reward safe driving habits. Score well and you could earn up to 25% off of your annual auto insurance premium!

Shop around
It’s easy to get quotes from multiple companies. Compare all your car insurance coverage options, and save money on monthly premiums.

One policy
Is there more than one vehicle in your family? If you insure all of your cars under the same policy, you could save up to 20% with some companies.

Raise your deductible
Talk to your broker about increasing your deductible to at least $1000 if it isn’t already, and you could benefit from a reduced monthly premium.

Bundle, bundle, bundle
Whether you own a home or condo, or rent an apartment, bundling your property insurance with your car insurance could help you save up to 15% on each policy.

Go hybrid or electric
New types of vehicles are paving the way for more discounts! Now, if you decide to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can actually save more on your auto insurance.

Install winter tires
When your car insurance company knows you change your tires seasonally, you might be eligible for a discount of approximately 5% depending on your provider.

Flexible payments
Sometimes companies charge administrative fees for monthly payment plans. If you pay your premiums on a yearly basis in one lump sum, you’ll avoid these costs.

Average car insurance cost in Mississauga

The average auto insurance cost in Mississauga is $1,788 per year, or roughly $149 per month. This is 24% higher than the average premium in Ontario of $1,445. However, insurance rates in Mississauga can vary greatly depending on the insurance company you choose, your individual driving experience, and the area you live. To illustrate just how much premiums can differ based on where you live within the city; we quoted a 35 year old male driver with a 2018 Honda Civic DX in five different Mississauga area postal codes. Check out the results below:

Neighbourhood Premium
Port Credit (L5G 1A1) $1,700
Erin Mills (L5M 4Z5) $1,953
Cooksville (L5A 1V9) $2,201
Malton (L4T 0A3) $2,296
Clarkson (L5H 1P5) $1,937

Car insurance for new Mississauga drivers

Auto insurance for a new driver in Mississauga can be expensive. Whether you’re planning to get your own vehicle, or just being added as a driver on your parents’ policy, the rate for a new driver is usually higher than the average Ontario premium. Because new drivers lack experience, the risk of being involved in an accident is much higher. Plus, drivers in Mississauga have to deal with more traffic, busier roads, and higher theft rates than most other cities. For all these reasons, auto insurance companies will usually charge a higher premium for new drivers in Mississauga. But don’t worry, Buckley Insurance can help. We work with multiple companies in Ontario to help provide affordable auto insurance rates to drivers of every experience level. To help get you started, here are a few tips for new drivers in Mississauga to help keep the cost of your auto insurance down.

Usage-Based Insurance
Driving apps could help good drivers save up to 25% more on your next renewal.

Slow Down
Speeding tickets will stay on your driving record for 3 years and cause your rates to go up.

Driver Training
Taking an approved driver training course can get you a discount of up to 15% on your policy.

Drive Safe
Being careful and avoiding at-fault accidents will help you maintain a clean insurance record.

Which province has the cheapest auto insurance?

Quebec has the cheapest car insurance in Canada with an average annual premium of just $642. On the other hand, Ontario has the second most expensive average car insurance premiums in Canada. Here’s a look at the average auto insurance premiums for all Canadian provinces:

Province Premium
British Columbia $1,680
Ontario $1,445
Alberta $1,254
Newfoundland & Labrador $1,132
Manitoba $1,080
Saskatchewan $936
Nova Scotia $842
New Brunswick $819
Prince Edward Island $796
Quebec $642

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