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Combine your home and auto insurance policies into one convenient package and save up to an extra 17% on each policy! Plus, in the event of a claim involving both your home and auto, you’ll pay only one deductible!


Your first property insurance claim is forgiven and your claims-free rating is protected for as long as you maintain your policy with Buckley!


Choose the payment type that works best for you – including monthly, annual, semi-annual or quarterly. If you decide to make your payments monthly, enjoy the added flexibility of choosing any day within the month to make your payments!


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In the event of a claim, you will speak directly with a claims agent in 30 minutes or less. Otherwise, we’ll give you a cheque equivalent to your full annual premium, up to $1000! Also, in the event of your first eligible loss, your deductible is waived, up to $1000.


In the event of a total loss, we’ll give you the option to rebuild your home or choose a cash settlement!

Home Insurance Newmarket

Home is where you put your feet up after a long day.
Home is where your children run and play and grow.
Home is where you make memories to last a lifetime.

Take a second to imagine your life without your home. If you’re like most people, it’s an unfathomable thought. The reality is, unforeseen events do happen. When damage occurs and you’re without home insurance, you may not have the means to pay for the necessary repairs or rebuilds to get your home back to the way it was.

Protect you, your family and the home that’s so special to you with an insurance policy perfectly suited to your needs.

The right fit

Your lifestyle and coverage needs are unique to you and your family. At Buckley Insurance, our process is designed to gather and assess a wide range of information about you, your home, the people who inhabit it and how you live your life. Once we have a complete profile for you, our home insurance agents do the insurance shopping on your behalf. You’re presented with a number of quotes, all of which accurately reflect your needs. And then you’re at liberty to choose the best policy.

Access to a large pool of home insurance companies

For over 55 years, Buckley has lived and breathed insurance. And that means we’ve built solid relationships with several major home insurance companies in the Canadian market. When you work with Buckley Insurance Brokers, you only provide us with your information a single time and then you instantly gain access to our huge home insurance company network. We give you an opportunity to select from the very best this industry has to offer.

What home insurance does for you

Let’s say an accidental loss occurs such as a fire, water damage or an act of vandalism. Home insurance pays for the financial losses associated with such an incident. And that’s not all. It’s also in place to protect you personally against any lawsuits that may arise from your personal actions or the ownership of your property.

It’s not a requirement that you have home insurance if you own a home. However, if you need a mortgage, most banks and other financial institutions will ask for proof of your home insurance policy before lending you money.

Understand your Policy

With hundreds of home insurance companies to choose from and so many differences and similarities between policies, don’t be surprised if your head starts spinning! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused during the home insurance purchase process and yet it’s absolutely critical that you understand the coverage you’re about to buy. Who and what are covered? Are there any exclusions? What are the policy’s limitations? How much coverage is provided? What is the process to report a loss or to file a claim?

The more you know, the more likely it is that your home is adequately protected. When you work with an insurance broker, your agent is there to educate, inform and advise you from a neutral and unbiased position.

Three types of home insurance policies

Typically, a home insurance policy is available in three different forms:

Basic homeowner’s insurance
This form of insurance is perfect for individuals on a budget crunch. Built on a named perils model, basic homeowner’s insurance covers your home, its contents and your personal liability for specified circumstances.

Broad homeowner’s insurance
For some, the basic homeowner’s insurance policy may not seem like quite enough. In this case, broad homeowner’s insurance is a better option. This type of policy gives you what’s called all risks coverage for your home and named perils coverage for your contents. Since it offers greater protection, the broad homeowner’s insurance policy is more expensive than basic homeowner’s insurance.

Comprehensive homeowner’s insurance
If you’re looking for a policy that gives you the maximum amount of inclusiveness, consider comprehensive homeowner’s insurance. While this is usually the most expensive type of homeowner’s insurance you can purchase, it provides all risks insurance coverage for your home and its contents.

Learn the insurance lingo! Don’t be fooled by the words “all risks”. Even in this form of insurance policy, there can be particular situations and events that are not covered. Read the fine print and understand precisely what is stated.

What a home insurance policy covers

Home insurance policy coverage can be broken down into four key areas:

Personal liability
The personal liability part of your home insurance policy protects you against any and all lawsuits that arise as a result of your personal actions or the fact that you own your property. Take this as an example: you receive an early morning delivery of a package and you haven’t yet had a chance to go outside and shovel the snow and ice buildup that’s accumulated overnight. Your delivery person slips and falls and breaks his leg. You are legally liable to pay for all medical and other associated costs. Your personal liability home insurance covers you for these expenses. Usually personal liability coverage under a home insurance policy covers medical payments and expenses, lawsuits (up to the maximum amount of insurance you have) and property damage (in the event that something happens to your home but inadvertently damages your neighbours’ homes as well).

Building and detached structures
“Building” refers to the actual structure of your home. “Detached structures” refers to any other structures that may be present on your property, for example a garage or backyard shed. Coverage in this portion of your home insurance policy will vary according to your location but typically all structures are covered.

Personal property
Personal property coverage refers to the contents you have inside your home – all of your belongings. Usually this coverage includes your jewellery, TVs, computers, phones, tablets, sound systems, appliances and clothing.

Additional living expenses
Sometimes, after an event such as a fire or water damage, your home is deemed unlivable or unfit for you to inhabit. There might also be a situation where you’re denied access into your home by police or a civil authoritative organization because of the damage that was caused by a peril insured by your insurance company. In such cases, your home insurance policy provides coverage for all additional living expenses you incur as a result (i.e. hotel stays, restaurant meals).

Filing a claim

If you need to file a claim, Buckley does everything in its power to make your life easier. We already know the level of stress you’re under in such a situation and that’s why our claims process guarantees you’ll speak to an adjuster within 30 minutes or less. And then that very same adjuster becomes your dedicated point of contact to ensure efficient and effective service that always leaves you feeling well taken care of.

What happens down the road

After your policy is in place and whenever the need arises, we’re the insurance broker you can call with any questions you might have as time goes on. Need clarification about your policy? Curious about an added option? Considering a change to save money or boost your coverage? That’s exactly what we’re here for. Call or email anytime and your agent will always be more than happy to support you.

Named perils vs. all risks

Named perils is home insurance coverage that protects you for specifically listed situations and events. All risks insurance is more comprehensive and covers you for a wider range of risks and sometimes includes mysterious disappearance protection (for example, you lose your $10,000 wedding ring during a night out on the town) and special limits coverage (higher amounts of coverage for important items such as jewellery, gems, watches and fur clothing).

The most common risks covered under a home insurance policy are:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Water damage (certain types that start inside your home)
  • Theft (and attempted theft)
  • Impact from a vehicle or aircraft
  • Weight of snow, ice or sleet (for example, when buildups cause roof damage)
  • impact by other objects(excluding waterborne objects)
  • Damage to goods during transport

Optional coverage

If you find there are gaps in your home insurance policy, you can always purchase additional coverage that go beyond the basics.

A few of the most common optional coverage add-ons in today’s home insurance market are:

Let’s face it, Canada’s weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. Many homeowners are opting for earthquake coverage. If this is something you’re considering, be sure to evaluate the protection because there may be earthquake related exclusions or specific limitations. For example, some home insurance companies cover losses and damages that are caused by an earthquake directly but not damages that happen after an earthquake occurs.

Identity theft
Did you know that this is one of the fastest growing crimes in North America? We tend to think it can’t happen to us, but the reality is it can happen to any of us at any time. Many home insurance companies are now offering identity theft protection that covers you for expenses related to identity restoration, usually up to a specific dollar amount each policy year.

Enhanced Water Damage
Water is the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada. Protecting your home from water damage is essential. The enhanced water damage package offers broader coverage to boost your protection in the event of a water-related loss. For homeowners, this optional coverage consists of four components; sewer back-up, overland water, ground water, and water & sewer lines.

Home Warranty
Standard home insurance policies often don’t cover you when components and systems in your home breakdown or malfunction. But with home warranty coverage, you’re protected for the repair or replacement of your central heating and air conditioning, electrical systems, water heater, emergency plumbing, major appliances, and more!

How your premium is calculated

This is a tricky part of home insurance because everyone’s insurance premium calculation goes through specific underwriting factors that reflect that person’s unique situation.

A few of the most common factors considered include:

  • Type of residence
  • Value of the contents inside your home
  • Area where you live
  • Any collectible, rare or highly valued belongings that call for specialized coverage
  • Type of heating
  • Electrical configuration
  • Age of your roof
  • Pipe condition and material
  • Your personal claims history
  • How long you’ve been living in your property
  • Proximity of your home to a fire hydrant and fire station
  • How close you are to local, surrounding businesses
  • How much it would cost to rebuild your home

All of these factors are analyzed and evaluated in order to come to a single conclusion: how likely is it that you or a group of people with the same set of factor circumstances will file a claim and how much will that claim cost the insurance company? Once this very important piece of information is determined, it reveals the appropriate cost for your monthly premium.


Ready to save?

Decrease your monthly insurance costs by bundling. If you have a car in your household, or better yet multiple cars, bundle all vehicles and your home insurance to realize the highest savings. You might be eligible to receive up to 15% off each policy. Contact us today.