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A  growing crime

Identity theft is all too common. If it happens to you, it can take a heavy toll both personally and financially. With the right protection in place, you have the backing you need to restore your identity quickly and effectively.

Up to $25K in coverage

Whether you’ve lost wages, had your government ID stolen or you’re out a hefty sum for notary and filing fees, ID theft insurance can cover all types of losses up to $25,000.

Reimbursed expenses

In addition to what you’ve lost as a result of identity fraud, you’re bound to be out a significant amount of money as you reclaim your name. ID theft insurance reimburses your expenses.

ID Theft Insurance

It only takes a thief a few minutes to steal your identity, but it can take months for you to reclaim your good name, clear your credit history and correct your financial records.

Protect your identity with Identity Theft Insurance through Buckley Insurance which covers up to $25,000 for:

  • Lost wages
  • Loan, grant and other credit instrument re-application fees
  • Notary and filing fees
  • Cost of obtaining credit bureau reports
  • Phone calls, postage and shipping expenses
  • A new government-issued ID, if stolen
  • 12 months of credit monitoring

Should you fall victim to identity theft, we stand ready to assist you and your family with the costs of repairing your financial history and clearing your good name.