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Coverage for any event

A single afternoon personal party or a multi-day business function, special event insurance covers you, your guests and all contents so you can celebrate in full style without the risk.

Protect yourself against lawsuits

You can never be too cautious. From personal injury, to vandalism, to unforeseen accidents, anything can happen at a special event. Get coverage and eliminate worry.

Insurance premiums as low as $70

Peace of mind won’t break the bank. A good special event policy inclusive of all the forms of coverage you need may cost you as little as a $70 premium.

Special Event Insurance

Special Coverage for your Special Event. Are you planning a wedding, private party, or other special event? We understand you’ve devoted a lot of time and money in preparing for your event. That’s why we make it quick, easy and affordable to get the insurance coverage and peace of mind you need for your special day.

Buckley Insurance provides Event Hosts with protection against lawsuits arising out of single or multi-day functions. Coverage is available for many types of events, including:

  • Wedding/Reception
  • Jack & Jill
  • Private Party
  • Concert, Fair, Festival
  • Golf Tournament
  • Ethnic Celebration
  • Trade show booth
  • And many others

Minimum Premium as low as $70

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Booths / Kiosks
Private Event / Invitation Only
Public Events