These 5 Simple Steps Could Save Your Vehicle

Easy Winter Vehicle Storage (Infographic)

Help keep your classic or seasonal vehicle in tip-top shape and ready for next spring with some simple steps and proactive care; a little extra time spent preparing your vehicle for storage now will prevent more expensive and time consuming repairs in the future.

5 Simple Steps for Winter Vehicle Storage

Fill Your Fluids
Change the oil and filter, fill up your gas tank and top up all other fluids to prevent condensation and rust.

Save Your Battery
Disconnect your battery and store in a warm, dry location off of the floor, or connect a battery tender or trickle charger.

Release Your Brake
Extended use of your parking brake can cause damage to your brakes; disengage your emergency brake and use a tire stopper or chock to ensure your vehicle does not move.

Wash & Cover
Give your vehicle a good wash and wax, then cover it with a breathable car cover; putting a cover over a dirty vehicle could cause unwanted scratches.

Prep Storage Area
Your garage should be clean and dry before you park your car. Sweep the floor and lay down a plastic drop sheet; the plastic will act as a vapour barrier to protect the underbody from moisture and will also make it easier to spot any fluid leaks when you remove the car from storage.